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Angry 1 star review

Cute Laces received an angry, threatening 1 star review on our Etsy site, today.

I felt very threatened by the "I'll head down there" part of the statement. 

The customer had not reached out to me, I was totally unaware that the package had not arrived. When I tracked the package, the update on USPS was "return to sender".

The US is so angry right now. Some are angry for justifiable reasons, some are just angry. I took a moment to remember that I make shoelaces that should add a smile to peoples days, not aggression and anger.

I've reached out to the customer, explaining that there must be an issue with the shipping address, so far no response.

I'm guessing this customer wanted to vent, I'm sure it wasn't really to do with the shoelaces not arriving. I hope the customer will get back to me and hopefully give me an opportunity to soften his anger.

In a world full of anger, sending out love.