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Shoelaces - Black & White Mosaic pattern

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Shoelaces covered in a black and white mosaic pattern!
We make funky shoelaces so you can jazz up your shoes. 

Accessorize your shoes with Cutelaces!

Once you have decided on what style you like, choose the length. . . 

Best to measure your existing laces, however, these are some shoelace length recommendations:

27" - Kids Low Top 27” (68cm) - Generally around ages 5-6
36" - Kids High Top/Junior Low Top 36”(91cm) A little bit older, or for shoes with 4-5 eyelets, perfect for traditional Vans.
45" - Junior Low Tops/ Adult Low Top 45”(114cm) Converse Low tops or shoes with 5-6 eyelets
54" - Adult High Top 54”(137cm) - High Tops or large feet!

Shoelaces Length Tips