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Holiday Shoelaces. Tiny Christmas Stocking Shoestrings. Festive Fashion

Holiday Shoelaces. Tiny Christmas Stocking Shoestrings. Festive Fashion

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Fun Holiday themed Shoelaces. The perfect accessory for Christmas! The shoe laces are covered in red, white and green.  Perfect for wearing during the holiday season! Shoestrings add a bit of Whimsy to your Festive Fashion.

Green Background with Tiny Christmas Stocking scattered over this print.

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We finish off the Cutelaces with metal aglets. Our shoelaces are available in four lengths. Suitable for Adults to Children. 

Need some help choosing what length to buy? Best to measure your existing laces. Check out our length recommendation chart. Here are some shoelace length recommendations:
27" - Little Kids Low Tops (approx age 5-6 years) 3-4 eyelets
36" - Junior Low Tops (approx age 6-11) 4-5 eyelets / Also adult traditional Vans low tops
45" - Adult Low Top Converse (approx age 11+) 5-6 eyelets / Also tween low tops
54" - Adult High Top or low top for large feet 6-7 eyelets

These Cute Shoelaces are limited edition.

So, why would you wear plain shoelaces? when you could be wearing Cute Laces!

Accessorize your shoes with Cute Laces!