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Plastic Free July

Here at Cute Laces HQ, we avoid single use plastic and if we can't avoid it, we'll reuse and repurpose.

All our packaging for Cute Laces can be recycled or reused. Each shoelace is wrapped around a card insert (recyclable), an outer label keeps the laces in place (recyclable). A D-ring is used for our wholesale retailers to be able to hang the product for display, which can be reused.

When a packing sheet is printed, I minimize the font, so I use half a sheet of paper for the packing sheet and the other half is used to print the shipping label.

Bags and boxes are re-used.

In addition to the product packaging, Cute Laces supplies our wholesale customers with display units made from card stock. 

July is #plasticfreejuly - an annual reminder of what ways we can reduce our use of plastic, especially the single use kind.  Let's avoid single use bags, straws, coffee cups and help our environment together.

We're always striving and looking for new ways to be more environmentally conscientious.