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Top 5 Reasons People Look For Replacement Shoelaces

1. Aglets Fall Off or Break.

It's super frustrating when the tips fall off the ends of shoelaces.

Perhaps they fell off through general wear and tear or perhaps your pet dog of cat has a thing about chewing off your shoelace ends. Either way this is one reason that people look to replace their shoelaces

replacement shoelace broken aglet tip

2. Dirty Shoelaces.

Yep, shoelaces can get dirty, they are right there at your feet, dealing with every day dirt.

Shoelaces can be washed especially if they are made of cotton. Simply fill a bowl of warm water and use a liquid soap of even a bit of shampoo. Wash the laces by hand and rinse in cold running water. Shoelaces dry in no time at all, just hang them outside to air dry.

Shoelaces can be washed in a washing machine too. The trick is to put them in a cotton bag or a pillow case, this way the shoelaces will not end up down the pipes of the washing machine.

Dirty shoelaces in converse shoes

3. New Look.

Changing shoelaces are a great way of changing the look of a pair of converse, vans, sneakers or any shoe with laces.

Seasonal shoelaces are a fun way to add some festive fun to your shoes too.

4. Wrong Length.

Shoe companies have a one length fits all idea when it comes to shoelaces. Therefore folks with small, narrow, large or wide feet end up with laces that are just too long or too short.

why are shoelaces are too long or short

5. Self Expression.

Here at Cute Laces, we are all about self expression. Love zebras? Tell the world with zebra laces. Into bandana print? swap out your laces with our red or blue bandana. You get the idea. Swap out your laces and show the world your style!