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Spotlight on Wadoo Home and Gifts

I met Amy Satterfield, the owner of "Wadoo Home and Gifts at a trade show in Las Vegas.  Recently, I had a chance to learn a little bit more about Amy, her business and Fort Collins, Colorado.


I asked Amy to tell me a bit about herself:

I had never worked a cash register before I started Wadoo, but the learning curve to run a business has been so fun and interesting, and I love my store! It’s important to me that I pay my staff well, work with them to keep them on board, maintain a friendly location, and make sure the products we sell are fairly traded and have not harmed the environment. In addition, we try to give back to the community as much as we can.

Tell me about how you started your business:

I was teaching journalism at a university, and had always wanted to own a store. So I saved my money for a couple years, and opened one in downtown Fort Collins in mid 2006. My first store site didn’t have a lot of passers-by, but the new place I moved the store into in 2011 is the busiest corner in town, and the store has been thriving since then.

If someone was to visit Fort Collins, share something about your neighborhood that a visitor would be interested in:

My store is in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, which is so charming, the Main Street in Disneyland is modeled after it! During the holidays, all the trees are decorated with twinkling white lights, the storefronts and restaurants (nearly all locally owned) are bustling with activity, people of all ages fill the streets at all times of the day and night, and there are horse-drawn carriage rides, moving musical performers, drumming groups, and an ice skating rink going on most evenings. Downtown Fort Collins is the best snowglobe you can find yourself in!

Wadoo Gifts and Home:

200 S. College Ave., Ste 150, Fort Collins, CO, 80524