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What is an aglet?

An aglet is the plastic or metal tip that is found on the end of a shoelace. The aglet is designed to help protect the lace from fraying and unraveling, and to make it easier to thread the lace through the eyelets of the shoe. Aglets are typically made from a hard and durable material, such as plastic or metal, and are often coated or covered in a protective layer to prevent the lace from fraying.

The word "aglet" comes from the Middle English word "aigulet," which means "needle," and is derived from the Old French word "aguillette," which means "little needle." This name reflects the aglet's function as a protective and functional tip for the shoelace, much like a needle is used to protect and secure thread.

Aglets are an important part of a shoelace, as they help to keep the lace from unraveling and make it easier to thread through the eyelets of the shoe. Without aglets, shoelaces would be more difficult to use and would not last as long, as the lace would quickly become frayed and damaged.