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Ladybug Shoelaces - Cute Shoe Laces

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 Look at these cute ladybug shoelaces (shoe laces).

  • Made from fabric featuring cute ladybug print.
  • Metal-Tipped shoestrings, therefore making laces easier.
  • Available in 4 lengths.
  • For High Tops and Low Tops.
  • Made in California.

Ready to swap out your plain shoe laces for cute ladybug shoelaces? Bored of plain laces in your shoes, therefore looking to add personality to your shoes? YES and YES . . . then you are in the right place!

What length to buy? 

  • Firstly, measure the shoe laces in your shoes.
  • Secondly, check out the recommendations below.
  • Finally, check out our blog on shoelace length suggestions. Shoelaces Length Tips

Ready to buy your cute ladybug shoelaces? Check out our length recommendation chart. 

  • 36" - Junior Low Tops (approx age 7-10) 4-5 eyelets
  • 45" - Junior High Tops/Adult Low Top (approx age 11+) 5-6 eyelets
  • 54" - Adult High Top or low top for large feet 6-7 eyelets

Shoelaces? Shoestrings? (tomato/tomato)!

Shoelaces Length Tips

What do Ladybugs (shoelaces) represent?

  • Ladybugs are often considered to be a symbol of good luck, happiness, and prosperity, therefore wearing shoelaces are a great idea!
  • Ladybugs are seen as a sign of good fortune, in many cultures, including European and North American cultures, and are often associated with the arrival of spring.
  • In some cultures, ladybugs are believed to bring love and romance into a person's life. 
  • They are also thought to be a symbol of protection, and it is believed that having a ladybug land on you can ward off evil spirits.
  • Ladybugs are also seen as a symbol of environmental balance and conservation. 
  • They are considered to be beneficial insects because they help control pests like aphids in gardens and on crops. 
  • Ladybugs are also a popular subject in art and literature, often used to represent happiness, innocence, and childlike wonder.