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bandana shoestrings

Blue Bandana Shoelaces with Metal Tips - Shoestrings for High Tops and Low Tops

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Shoelaces with blue bandana print. These shoelaces are made from fabric featuring the typical bandana pattern.

Metal-Tipped shoelaces available in 4 lengths. For High Tops and Low Tops.

Can't decide what length to buy? We recommend you measure your existing laces. For suggestins. check out our length recommendation chart. 

27" - Little Kids Low Tops (approx age 4-6 years) 3-4 eyelets
36" - Junior Low Tops (approx age 7-10) 4-5 eyelets
45" - Junior High Tops/Adult Low Top (approx age 11+) 5-6 eyelets
54" - Adult High Top or low top for large feet 6-7 eyelets

Shoelaces Length Tips