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Shoelaces Covered in Typeface Words and Letters- Perfect Gift for a Writer, Book Worm and Blogger

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These are fab - Shoelaces covered in typeface on an off white background. This is a perfect shoelace swap for anyone interested in the written word - readers, writers, bloggers. Perfect way to show your love for literature. 

We add Metal-Tips to the end of the shoelaces to make them easier to lace up. Available in 4 lengths.

Can't decide what length to buy?

Please measure your existing laces. Check out our length recommendation chart. Here are some shoelace length recommendations:

Junior Low Tops / Little Kids High Top 36”(91cm) - great length for chucks up to middle school, or shoes with 4-5 holes close together (like Vans)
Junior High Tops/Adult Low Top 45”(114cm) - This length works well on adult low top chucks, many teens wear adult size shoes. This length also works well for kids high tops.
Adult High Top 54”(137cm) - High Top chucks or wide large feet.